We Recruit

Our association keeps on growing and we are actively looking for volunteers to take on our challenges and objectives. If you are skilled in a certain area and wish to become active in the esports world, then do not hesitate and join us!

The 4 pillars

About Us

With over 60 active members, noetic is a non-profit association. Since 2017, the organization relies on an administrative team with new objectives and a diversification of its activities.

● connect with regional parnters
● Promote and grow esports
● make the geek culture accessible to all
● provide professional infrastructure and guidance

Noetic intends to become an important player in the community in Fribourg and Switzerland. To do this, the association relies on 4 pillars to develop a new concept and offer players a space dedicated to their passion.

"When I first entered the world of video games, I never thought I'd find myself chairing an association one day. Having a basic commercial background, I was unfamiliar with the world of associations and volunteer work.

Being very attached to my hometown, Fribourg, and guided by my passion for video games, it would be impossible for me to imagine a day without working on their development.

That is why I would like to thank all the people who have made it possible, directly or indirectly, for the association to pursue its objectives and evolve with the times."

Tufan NergizPresident & Co-Founder